Sweet Spot Grip - Get the Most Enjoyment Possible!

I believe I have attempted to find the PERFECT CIGAR HOLDER with no results.

With over 25 years of experience in the enjoyment of fine cigars, I have become quite an aficionado when it comes to smoking fine cigars,

and I know that this ingenious little device will improve any cigar smokers' experience.

Consumer satisfaction is one of my main concerns,

thus, combining the perfect mix of functionality, enjoyment, ease of usage, and convenience,

I know you will LOVE the Sweet Spot Grip and use it every time you light up!

Kevin Keen

Inventor / C.E.O.




  • Unique Invention - Nothing Like It Exists
  • Grips up to 60 gauge Cigar
  • Lightweight
  • Clips to Key Chain
  • Durable 
  • Thumb holder control
  • Pocket Sized Convenience
  • Easy and Comfortable To Hold


  • No More Burnt Fingers
  • Enjoy More of Your Cigar
  • Save Money / Waste Less
  • Enjoy "The Sweet Spot" Every Time
  • Personalizable - Add Your Logo or Message
  • Great Gift For Any Cigar Lover
  • Use as a promotional product for your business
  • Great Investment Opportunities